What Is A Guardian Home For A Dog

What Is A Guardian Home For A Dog. “owner,” after all, is blatantly inadequate to describe this loving relationship. The guardian home must be within 30 minutes drive from oshkosh.

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But what does this mean in a legal sense? The guardian home puppy or dog is part of the guardian home’s family forever, while the breeding rights are retained by cedar creek bernese and bernedoodles for a set amount of time (each situation is slightly different so we prefer to work out specific details with each family on an individual basis). Our guardian home program allows for our chosen families to have our “pick of breeding dog” and become part of the process with us.

The Guardian Home Is A Loving Home That Cares For The Dog As It Would Their Own.

These dogs have litters of puppies which help ensure healthy, loving happy service dogs are placed with children and veterans in need. Breeder dogs live their whole life with the guardian home, even after they retire from breeding. These dogs are usually the best of the best.

Being A Guardian Dog Owner Is Meant To Be A Rich And Fulfilling Experience For Everyone Involved And Designed To Keep Our Breeding Dogs Healthy And Happy But Also Our Guardian Families.

Guardian shall communicate with breeder each time guardian home dog is in heat, beginning with the maiden heat and on every heat thereafter for the duration of this agreement. The following dogs that we will present you, are dogs that have a very high guarding instinct, imprinted deeply into their being and bones! The dog becomes part of the forever family when the pup reaches 6 years old.

It Creates A Great Bond Between Us And Our Guardians.

For female dogs, we retain breeding rights for a. A guardian home is a permanent home for one of our breeding males or females. Once the breeding dog has had her allotted litters, she/he is then spayed/neutered and soul property of the guardian family.

In Most Cases, The Guardian Family Becomes The Dog’s New Owner After It Has Produced A Certain Number Of Litters, Or After It Has Passed Breeding Age.

The guardian home can be described as the dog’s home. As a guardian home, you get a free puppy and you become that puppy’s forever home. Becoming a guardian home gives you the opportunity to have one of our top notch, puppies as a family pet while he or she remains in our program for 4 litters or up to the age of 5 for females & up to the age of 6 for males.

Once The Dog’s Breeding Career Is Completed, They Are Spayed Or Neutered And Live For The Rest Of Their Life As The Guardian Home’s Pet.

Therefore, we require of our guardian homes the following: Heat is defined as the first day a spot of blood is noticed. The guardian home must be within 30 minutes drive from oshkosh.

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