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Dog Teeth Tumblr. Can be silly, sad, sexy, whatever. 1.5m ratings 277k ratings see, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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Need some audience participation for an art project! Ezra • 20 • they/them • instagram: Dog teeth (are you lost?) [image id:

The First Creature Is Beige, And Drawn Side On From The Waist Up.

Two digital illustrations of naked, humanoid creatures with deer like heads, with antlers and three, long, vertical, solid coloured eyes. Oo btw turns out im also the host of our system thats cool 🙈. Text post from 4 months ago.

“Comic About The Intersection Of My Transness And My Autism, & How I Don’t Really Understand Or Connect To Either Gender Or Neurotypical.

The bat and the cat. The eyes bleed off in a repetitive pattern to the right side of the frame, and his head sits as the pupil for a large yellow eye in the background. When a dog has periodontitis, you will see various signs their teeth are rotting.

@Ezradogteeth *All Posts Are Okay To Reblog, Please Dont Repost My Art*.

Haiiii march 23rd is my 21st birthday & firstly big thanks to everyone who’s shared this part of cyberspace with me ⭐️ this blog & community has meant so much to me since i was a little emo teenager, much love to all of yall !!!!! Dimly illuminated hallways of marble and slate seemed eons away; A digital illustration of the masked man, his body a single red silhouette shape with only the black details of his mask visible.

How Strange It Is To Be Anything At All.

Ezra • 20 • they/them • instagram: #photography #my face #sculpture #artists on tumblr. @ezradogteeth *all posts are okay to reblog, please dont repost my art* home ask about faq oc comics characters links.

It Is A Complex Clinical Picture And Prevention Is Always Better Than Treatment.

How strange it is to be anything at all. They have breasts, and are looking down at their raised wrist, from which the hand has been cut off and blue. Text post from 6 months ago.

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